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Sea cruises - Benefits for members Costa Club

Six Clubs now

With the addition of Club Ambra and Club Perla Diamante, there will be 6 clubs


Club Ambra: 0 points

Club Acquamarina: from 1 to 2.000 points

Club Corallo: from 2.001 to 5.000 points

Club Perla: from 5.001 to 13.000 points

Club Perla Oro: from 13.001 to 26.000 points

Club Perla Diamante: from 26.001 points



The more points you have, the faster you move up

The basic number of points awarded for each cruise day will be 100 There will be extra daily points awarded depending on the type of cabin you are travelling in:

100 points for inside cabins

150 points for oceanview cabins

175 points for oceanview cabins with balcony

Premium cabin guests will have their points doubled, meaning they receive 200 for inside cabins, 300 for oceanview cabins and 350 for oceanview cabins with balcony. Suite guests will receive a total of 450 points a day.

But that's not all: the points for onboard purchases will be 2 for each euro spent, including purchases made before departure on the website. This is also valid for onboard purchases made on cruises at a special promotional rate.


Example of points for 2016 Club:

7 day cruise in Classic Balcony

175 x 7

1,225 cruise points

Onboard purchases

400€ x 2

800 points for onboard purchases

Total points: 2.025


Under the prevoius points system you would have earned:

7 day cruise in Classic Balcony

100 x 7

700 cruise points

Onboard purchases


280 points for onboard purchases

Total points: 980.

Valid for three years

The CostaClub points you have accumulated will last for a certain amount of time. Each year the points you have accumulated in the previous three years will be valid. This rule is valid for all Club levels, from the Acquamarina Club to the Perla Diamante Club. As soon as the new CostaClub comes into effect, at the start of 2016, all the points from the last three years (valid for the Club you belong to) will be recalculated according to the new rules: this means you may be immediately awarded more points, also for cruises taken between 2013 and 2015. Many of you will instantly be part of a higher Club. If your new points total means you find yourself in a lower club, you'll be guaranteed a place in the club you are currently a member of for six months, if you take a cruise within that period. So until June 2016 you can carry on enjoying the new privileges of your current Club and at the same time pick up lots of new points with the new rules.


Lots of new benefits for all the Clubs


Ambra: a welcome gift

The Club for Guests who have never traveled with Costa. Guests will receive a special welcome gift to give them to introduce them to the world of cruising.


Dinner at the Samsara Restaurant

Perla and Perla Oro Members can enjoy a dinner for two, at the Samsara Restaurant.

A world of credits on board


Perla, Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members will receive 20€, 50€ and 75€ as onboard credit to spend as they wish (e.g. excursions, bar, spa) during their cruise.

A double present


Members of every Club - except Club Ambra - will receive a gift at the end of their cruise, those celebrating their birthday on board will have a special cake made and a photo to take home as a memory of their party.


Going on another cruise? A better cabin

Acquamarina, Corallo and Perla Members who take another cruise after the previous year will be upgraded for free to the best cabin category available. And Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members will have an extra bonus: if you take another cruise you'll be travelling in a suite!

Privileges 2016

The new CostaClub privileges






Perla Oro

Perla Diamante


CostaClub event cruise with Guest Stars and exclusive activities for Members

Exclusive discounts on Privilege Departures (1 in 3 of all scheduled cruises),valid for people travelling in the same cabin too1







Upgrade when you take more cruises than the previous year 2 (best available category)




Super Upgrade to a Suite when you take more cruises than the previous year 2







Priority boarding





Preferential boarding






Priority in luggage delivery to cabin






VIP Lounges at the Palacrociere and Palacruceros (Savona and Barcelona)






Stress-free luggage: luggage picked up from home, laundry service, and luggage sent home3







ON BOARD       


CostaClub cabin card

CostaClub Point

Welcome gift






Welcome gift when you move up a level 7


Free bottle of water in your cabin





Basket of fruit and a bottle of sparkling wine




Courtesy gown, slippers and bath items





Pillow menu: choose the kind of pillow you prefer






Dedicated staff available to help you book services on board






Personalised minibar with your favourite items 4







Complimentary birthday cake and photo


Welcome back cocktail with prize and souvenir photo for the Member with the most points


VIP Cocktail Party

Special "behind the scenes" tour of the ship 8





Complimentary Restaurant dinner (where available)





Club Restaurant reserved for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole cruise 5







Premium Tour at the same price as a standard tour 6







First rows reserved in the theatre for evening shows






A whole day free at the SPA






Preferential disembarkation






End-of-cruise CostaClub gift


Credit to spend on board





or the equivalent


or the equivalent


or the equivalent


1. Not valid for Pacific Asia Operations, United States, Canada and other countries of the North American market. For validity, availiability of the Privileges departures please see the websites,,,, (Australia),, or

2. Privilege only valid for cruises acquired from the price list. For all applicable conditions, see the General Conditions on the website

3. The luggage pick-up service is not valid for countries of Pacific Asia Operations and North American markets. It is valid only for Perla Diamante members resident in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary. For details, see General Conditions on the website. The laundry service is available for all Perla Diamante Members on cruises lasting 5 days or more.

4. On cruises lasting 5 days or more.

5. From June 2016 the date the service will available from will be confirmed ship by ship.

6. For cruises lasting more than 5 days.

7. Only 1 gift for each level is given.

8. On cruises lasting more than 7 days .

The Club’s privileges and General Conditions may vary from time to time


Perla Diamante: priceless privileges

These are just a few of the benefits that Members of the most exclusive Club will be entitled to:


1. Enjoy free access to the Club Restaurant for the duration of your cruise, not just for dinner but also at lunchtime and for breakfast.

2. A special staff member will be available to you, without charge, for booking excursions, the spa, restaurants and other services. Just call and they will help you with making your special arrangement. No more queues on board!

3. “Super upgrade” when you take one cruise more than the previous year: if you buy an inside cabin you'll travel in a Suite!

4. In the Theater for evening shows/performances, the first rows will be reserved just for you in the theatre. During dinner you may dine leisurely knowing that you will be accommodated in the first rows for the show.

5. You may personally select the contents of Minibar in your cabin, to be sure your favorites are waiting for you there.

6. Personalised minibar with your favourite items.

7. Complimentary day at the spa for complete relaxation and wellbeing. (Treatments and services are not included)

8. Special excursions with a limited number of participants will be available to you.

9. Premium Tour at the same price as a standard