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Useful Information


Booking and mandatory information

At the travel agency, when booking your cruise, ask your travel agent to use the system, which will allow you to view the best available fares, updated in real time, the video of the type of cabin that you have chosen and its exact position on the deck. You will then be able to make the best choice!

You must always give your travel agent all the following information both for yourself and for those travelling with you, as it is required by international law and to make sure your cruise goes smoothly, and so that we can confirm your booking and offer further services to complete your holiday:

• First name and surname.

• Age and nationality.

• Date and place of birth.

• Details of the identity document required by the itinerary (number, date and place of issue, expiry date).

• A personal mobile phone number for each passenger travelling. Morever; the first name, surname and telephone number of a family member or friend who can be contacted by Costa if necessary during the cruise.

• CostaClub membership for the discounts you are entitled to.

Guests with special needs

Costa Cruises wishes to satisfy the needs of all those who want to experience a cruise but who have special needs, mobility problems, visual impairments or other disabilities. International regulations require the Company to be aware of any “needs for personal assistance in the case of emergency” (wheelchairs, etc.) of its guests in order to make the necessary arrangements. This information must be provided through the travel agent or directly to Costa Cruises and again on boarding. We recommend that guests with special needs who require special medical assistance and/or equipment travel with a companion and inform the travel agent or Costa Cruises when booking of the dimensions of the any equipment necessary, e.g. a wheelchair. Costa Cruises must be informed of this when making the booking.

It will be our pleasure to offer the “cruise only” section of trips free of charge to companions, provided that they travel in the same cabin as special needs guests. To obtain a free cruise ticket for companions, Costa Cruises must be informed by the Guest at the time of the booking confirmation. Costa Cruises must receive all the necessary documentation within three working days of confirmation. Guests travelling with a companion will be given a cabin for people with special needs. Companions will be carried free of charge until all special needs cabins are filled, however the Family Value promotion is not valid. If three or four adult Guests are making the booking, the companion will be assigned the third or fourth bed free of charge. If a Family Value booking is made a supplement of 50% of the adult fare will be applied for the third or fourth bed.

We would also like to remind you that in some ports disembarking may be problematic for Guests with motor problems, especially offshore. Our ships have several cabins equipped for disabled guests, which are marked with a letter H on the ship plans on the following pages. For further information please visit our webpage at

Special requirements for air travel

Any special requests regarding seating on flights must be made at the time of booking. Costa Cruises cannot guarantee that they will be met. For further information visit our website.

Children and Infants Policy

We would like to remind you that children under the age of 18 may not travel unaccompanied on board our ships and babies will not be permitted to board if they are less than 6 months old on the first day of the cruise. This minimum age limit goes up to 12 months for transatlantic cruises and cruises of 15 days or more.

Expectant women

As the vessels are not equipped to offer assistance in pregnancy and childbirth; bookings  will not be accepted from passengers who have entered the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age at any time during the cruise. All pregnant women must produce a medical certificate attesting to their good health and their child's. Costa Cruises will not, in any way, be held responsible for any event that occurred during or after the trip and arising out of or related to pregnancy.

How to customize your cruise

When you enter your first name, surname and booking number you can view and print out a summary of your cruise and a wealth of other information that will allow cruise better. You can also customize your cruise by booking excursions, excursion packages and the all-inclusive drinks package with your credit card.

You must register to be able to customize your cruise and you must use the same per you provided when you purchased your cruise (first name, surname and date of birth).

Cruises can be customized online up to the date shown by the system after entering the required information (5–10 days before the departure of the ship, depending on the itinerary booked).

Web check in

Even as early as the day you book your cruise Web Check make sure we have all the information we need for departure.

1) Go to the website and enter your booking number or cabin number, departure date and ship name.

2) At least one month before departure fill in the boarding form online with the personal information and document details of all the guests that will be embarking with you, including

- Place and date of birth.

- Identity document details.

- A personal mobile phone number for each passenger travelling. Morever; the first name,

surname and telephone number of a family member or friend who can be contacted by Costa if necessary during the cruise.

3) Print the completed form and bring it with you when you board to guarantee you a fast and easy boarding experience. If you need to change a few details after you have filled out.


Travel Documents

You will be emailed the following travel documents by the travel agency you booked with:

• Cruise ticket.

• Boarding form.

• Luggage labels.

• Flight tickets (where applicable).

• A list of services purchased.

In these travel documents you will also find information on documents and visas, embarkation and disembarkation and emergency telephone numbers. You will be sent your travel documents around three weeks prior to departure, once your travel agent has confirmed your payment and once all the mandatory personal details have been added in your reservation through the web check-in or with your travel agent’s help. For further information about the procedures and timing of sending your travel documents, please contact your travel agent.

You can also access the personalized section of our website at by entering your name, surname and booking reference number. Here you can view the following information:

• Booking memo including all services purchased.

• Booking Conditions.

• Insurance terms and conditions (if purchased).

• Services booked online.

• Tour Order Form (to be filled in only if you do not book your excursions online).

• Information about how to get to the ship.

• Information on port or airport parking.

• Other useful information.

Passports and Visas

In order to avoid problems at departure, we kindly ask you to carefully check the validity of your documents and to be in possession of what is required for the cruise. If any guest does not possess the required documentation they will be denied boarding their flight/cruise and cancellation penalties will be applied.

Passport - You must be in possession of a valid passport and any visas (if required). It is also important that name changes for newlywed wives must be notified to us immediately so that the name stated on the passport matches the name on the ticket. The names on cruise and airline documents must be the same as those shown on passports.

Any discrepancies (including nicknames and abbreviated names) may prevent travel and also make insurance policies invalid. If any guest does not possess the required documentation they will be denied boarding their flight/cruise and cancellation penalties will be applied.

Please note – Passports may be retained by Costa staff on embarkation and withheld for the entire duration of the cruise so they can be presented to the various port authorities. Passports are then made available only when guests require them to go ashore.

Children under 18

Children under age 18 need to have their own passport; possibility, for Non-European Nationalities only, to be included in parents passport both depends on the rules in charge of their countries and it has to be checked with the local authorities. Where children travelling without their parents, legal guardians, or anyone registered in the child’s documentation, Costa requires you to verify what documentation is required for the child to travel with the relevant authorities.

United States* - According to the rules given by the “US Department of Homeland Security”, which refer to the regulations of the Visa Waiver Program*, Costa Cruises reminds you that: 1) visitors who have an Electronic passport which was issued or renewed before October 26, 2005 but prior October 26, 2006; may enter the United States of America without a visa. 2) visitors who have a machine readable passport which was issued or renewed on or after October 26, 2005 which has a digital photograph printed directly on the passport may enter the United States of America without a visa. 3) visitors who have a machine readable passport which was issued or renewed on or after October 26, 2006 require integrated chip with information from the data page (epassport). 4) Citizens of Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Korea (Rep. of ), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovak Rep. are entitled to travel under the V.W.P.only with a machine readable passport with integrated chip with information from the data page (epassport). Visitors whose passport does not meet these requirements will be required to obtain a visa to travel to the United States. All guests who are in possession of a valid passport that was issued prior to the introduction of the machine readable passports who wish to use their old passport need a nonimmigrant entry visa for the United States. This requirement is also valid for children. In any case, all guests who already have a passport are highly requested to check their documentation immediately. If you need assistance please contact the competent authorities.

* The Visa Waiver Program includes the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea (Rep. of), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovak Rep., Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K. Effective January 12, 2009 all nationals or citizens of VWP countries who plan to travel to the United States for temporary business or pleasure under the VWP will be required to receive an electronic travel authorization through ESTA prior to boarding a U.S.-bound airplane or vessel. Guests, no less than 72 hours prior to travel, have to log onto the ESTA Web site at and complete an online application. A receipt showing the authorisation ID shall be requested upon departure to US. Citizens of countries that were not mentioned above must continue the normal entrance or transit procedure for the United States with the request of a United States entry visa. By virtue of US laws and in compliance with an international agreement between the European Union and the United States, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) receives certain information on travel and reservations known as PNR (Passenger Name Record), for passengers who fly between the European Union and the USA. The DHS uses PNR primarily for purposes of preventing terrorism and other serious transnational crimes. This and other data may also be used to determine if passengers appear on special security-related lists.

PNR information is kept for at least three years and six months and can be exchanged with other authorities. More details on these provisions, including measures for protecting personal information, are available at your Airline Company or travel agent, or at For passengers that will go on consecutive cruises and possess only one ticket for the various reserved itineraries, we kindly inform you that the aforementioned statement regards the regulations in force for the first cruise. For every subsequent cruise we kindly ask that you consult the annual Costa catalogue for that specific itinerary. It is a requirement by law that Costa Cruises holds the relevant data for all their guests. If you have not already provided the relevant data, we request that you advise your travel agent or Costa Cruises of your full name, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue and expiry date. It is important that Costa Cruises receives this information at least two weeks before your departure.

Dubai and the Emirates* - For cruises to and from Dubai and the Emirates guests require a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return. Visa is needed with reference to the guest’s nationality. Information has to be checked in advance to the UAE consulate.

Around the World cruise* -For most of the European nationalities, machine-readable passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise, and visas for Australia and India to be obtained prior to departure.

- Schengen Area. For nationalities belonging to countries who need the Schengen visa we recommend to check with the involved consulates the validity to circulate in all countries included in the cruise, the period of the intendant stay and the number of entries required by the itinerary plan.

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: for particular visa details about your country, you need to contact your local consulate or ask your travel agent. Note for flights between the European Union and the United States Under US Law and in accordance with an International Agreement between the European Union and the United States, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will receive certain travel and reservation information (known as PNR - Passenger Name Record) about passengers flying between the European Union and the United States. The DHS has undertaken to use this information primarily for the purposes of preventing and combating terrorism and other serious transnational crimes. This and other information may also be used to check whether passengers feature on the lists of people raising aviation security concerns. The PNR data will be kept for at least three years and six months and may be shared with other authorities.

Further information on these arrangements, including measures to safeguard your personal details, can be obtained from your airline or travel agent or from our website


We recommend one piece of luggage/suitcase per person. We remind you that the following items are strictly prohibited: arms and munitions, explosives, fireworks and flares, compressed or liquefied gas (flammable, non-flammable, refrigerants, irritants and toxic gases) such as camping gas, flare launchers, starter pistols, infectious or toxic substances, corrosive substances, radioactive substances, and objects that could be used as weapons, goods, live animals. It is also prohibited to carry food and drink on board in your hand baggage or cabin luggage. Further information can be found in the “Security” section.

What to pack

For daytime activities, we suggest casual clothing/sportswear and comfortable shoes. You should bring a sweater or jacket as temperatures may vary greatly between air-conditioned areas and the outside. During each cruise, there will be gala evenings for which elegant dress is recommended.

“Today” (the daily programme of onboard activities) offers suggestions on appropriate evening dress, whether casual or formal. For shore excursions, we suggest casual clothing/sportswear and comfortable shoes. It is advisable to wear suitable clothing for any religious sites visited. For hygiene reasons it is essential that you have a pair of trainers exclusively for use in the gym, as well as suitable clothing. If you do not, you will be refused entry.

Towels will be provided in the cabin free of charge for use at sunbeds and swimming pools, the showers in the gym, the spa and to take ashore with you on beach excursions.

Luggage tag

Please attach the Costa Cruises tag, supplied with your travel documents and stating your name and cabin number, to the handle of your bag/suitcase before leaving it at the baggage drop at the port of embarkation. It will then be delivered directly to your cabin.

Hand luggage Medicines, computers, photographic equipment, valuables and delicate items should be carried in your hand luggage. The dimensions of your hand luggage must not exceed 55x35x25 cm, in order to allow it to pass through the X-ray security checks.

Air transport

Please note the current luggage allowance regulations, in particular regarding the weight. Should you exceed this limit you will be required to pay an extra charge at the airport. The contents of your hand luggage must comply with the current regulations of the countries of departure and arrival. The airline and the passenger are responsible for all luggage. Costa Cruises shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss. For some flycruise combinations, luggage will be transferred directly from the airport of arrival to your cabin on board the ship.

Luggage insurance

We recommend that your personal possessions luggage are covered by travel insurance. In the event of delay, loss or damage you will need to make a claim against your travel insurance. Costa Cruises’ responsibility for luggage is limited by international conventions. More information can be found in the sections “General Terms and Conditions” and “Insurance Terms and Conditions” in this brochure.


To make your cruise an even more wonderful and memorable experience, you can add a short stay to your holiday at the place your itinerary departs from, either before or after your cruise. We have chosen a number of hotels in different categories for you, with an airport-hotel-port transfer service, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Miami (Florida), Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Rome (Italy). For more information and prices, see



Port and airport parking

The majority of embarkation ports and airports have a special parking service. This service carries a charge and, in some cases, you may also need to book. You will find more detailed information on our website at

Milano Malpensa/Linate: tel 02-232323


Roma Fiumicino: tel 06-65958778


Costa facilities

Costa Cruises has built cruise terminals in Savona (Palacrociere) and Barcelona (Palacruceros) that are managed directly by the company: comfortable, well-equipped, state-of-the-art facilities that will give you a warm welcome and make the embarkation and disembarkation procedures faster and more straightforward. Services include a bar, a children’s area, an Internet point and a VIP lounge.

Baggage drop off

On your arrival at the port, you should leave your luggage (excluding hand luggage) with Costa staff. Guests are reminded to label all luggage with the tags provided with your travel documents.

It will then be delivered directly to your cabin at no extra cost. Embarkation times and document checks Embarkation begins and ends at the time shown on the itinerary included with your travel documents. Your travel documents and the validity of your passport or identity document will be checked before you board.

Priority embarkation

Gold Pearl and CostaClub Members, Guests staying in the suites, Guests with mobility difficulties, families with children under three years old and expectant women are entitled to priority boarding. Staff at the Customer Services desk will provide you with all the assistance you may require. We remind also that this possibility depends on the operative needs of the vessel and the port.


Security Checks

Once you are on board the ship, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety procedures by reading the information on the back of your cabin door. We also recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the safety video that’s on screen when you first enter your cabin and that you take a look at “Today” (the onboard daily newspaper) to see what time the emergency drill that you have been invited to takes place.

Before departure you will be required to take part in a training session that will show you the route you must take to your muster station. The procedure is very simple because our staff will be positioned in the corridors to help you reach it and because you can see the exact route on the back of your cabin door. You should wear suitable clothes for the drill, bearing in mind that it finishes outdoors, and remember that you should wear your lifejacket when taking part. When you reach the muster station you will be shown the procedure to be followed in case of an emergency so that you can familiarize yourself with it. The safety of our guests and crew has always been Costa Cruises’ utmost priority.

All crew members have a BST (Basic Safety Training) certificate, issued by a recognized

international training center, and also take part in a very intense training programme to familiarize themselves with the ship, with further training for the whole duration of their time on board.

Depending on their role, staff also receive other types of special training. For example, the firefighting team is regularly sent ashore to training centers to take part in exercises, with simulated fires that they have to tackle using the techniques and putting into practice what they have learned from qualified instructors from professional Italian and foreign firefighting teams, who help us with this type of training.

Safety on board

Once you are on board the ship, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety procedures by reading the information on the back of your cabin door. We also recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the safety video that’s on screen when you first enter your cabin and that you take a look at “Today” (the onboard daily newspaper) to see what time the emergency drill that you have been invited to takes place. Before departure you will be required to take part in a training session that will show you the route you must take to your muster station. The procedure is very simple because our staff will be positioned in the corridors to help you reach it and because you can see the exact route on the back of your cabin door. You should wear suitable clothes for the drill, bearing in mind that it finishes outdoors, and remember that you should wear your lifejacket when taking part. When you reach the muster station you will be shown the procedure to be followed in case of an emergency so that you can familiarise yourself with it.

The safety of our guests and crew has always been Costa Cruises’ utmost priority. All crew members have a BST (Basic Safety Training) certificate, issued by a recognized international training center, and also take part in a very intense training programme to familiarize themselves with the ship, with further training for the whole duration of their time on board.

Depending on their role, staff also receives other types of special training. For example, the firefighting team is regularly sent ashore to training centers to take part in exercises, with simulated fires that they have to tackle using the techniques they have been taught and putting into practice what they have learned from qualified instructors from professional Italian and foreign firefighting teams, who help us with this type of training.


“Today”: daily programme

The complete schedule of all of the following day’s events will be delivered to your cabin every evening. Make sure you take it with you, even when going ashore, as it has contact numbers and details of the ship’s departure time, the time zone of the destination, etc

Interactive Stands

Located at strategic points of the ship, the interactive stands are equipped with "touchscreen" screens and can interact with the guests in six different languages. You can find information about life on board, purchase extra services like excursions, 4D cinema tickets, dinner reservations at the Samsara Restaurant or Club Restaurant (where applicable)and much more. You can also check and print your cruise account at any time.

Customer Service Desk

The information desk is situated in the ship’s main hall and is open 24 hours a day to answer any queries you may have.


Cabins: features

All cabins have their own private bathroom (with shower), thermostat-controlled air-conditioning, satellite TV, interactive TV with films on demand (on almost all ships), satellite telephone and direct telephone for ship calls, minibar, small safe and hairdryer. The name of your cabin steward is shown in your cabin. All the linen you require in your cabin (sheets and towels) is supplied and changed regularly. The bathrooms are supplied with soaps and liquid soap for the shower. For environmental reasons, to limit the use of plastic, complimentary shower caps and moisturizing cream are available upon request from your cabin steward.

Suites: special features

As well as the services and features common to all our cabins, Guests staying in our Suites, Panoramic Suites, Grand Suites, Samsara Suites (and Mini-Suites only for Costa Victoria), are guaranteed the following privileges:

• Priority boarding

• Butler

• Complimentary breakfast in the cabin (on request)

• Fresh fruit in the cabin every day

• 1 bottle of sparkling wine and a tray of canapés

• Lunch and dinner served in your cabin (on request and for an extra charge)

• Jacuzzi with towelling bathrobe and slippers

• À la carte pillow menu

• Invitation for an exclusive cocktail with the Captain

• Priority in the choice of sitting in our restaurants (subject to availability)

• Opportunity to book excursions through your butler

• Opportunity to book services at the Spa

Voltage on board

The power points in the cabins have an alternating current of:



COSTA VICTORIA and COSTA neoROMANTICA: 220 Volts/60 Hz. for razors, 220-110 Volts (1200 W) in the cabin.

COSTA neoCLASSICA: 220 Volts/60 Hz. for razors, 220 Volts (800 W) in the cabin.

COSTA neoRIVERA 220 - 110 VOLTS / 60 Hz.

For safety reasons, electrical appliances may not be used in the cabins with the exception of electric razors; ironing in the cabins is strictly prohibited.

Interactive TV

The Interactive TV service, in six languages, is available on some ships, offering films on demand (pay-per-view) and the possibility of booking onboard services.

Breakfast cabin service

Breakfast is free of charge for Guests in Premium cabins, Suites and Samsara cabins, there is a charge for Classic cabins. If you would like to order breakfast in your cabin, you must fill in the order form and hang it on the outside door handle before going to bed.

Room service (extra charge)

You can order snacks in your cabin 24 hours a day. All you need to do is choose from the menu in your cabin and phone the number shown. The service is free for Suites and Premium cabins, all other cabins will be charged, and your order will be delivered in around half an hour. A 15% service charge will be applied to all wine and drink purchases.



The onboard restaurants and self-service restaurants offer a rich and varied selection of Italian and international dishes. The buffets include special ethnic sections with specialities from the destinations visited. Each day the restaurant menu includes appetisers, starters, main courses of meat or fish, side dishes, salads, cheese, desserts and ice cream. Vegetarian menus and dishes for those with special dietary requirements are also available.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Enjoy breakfast in your cabin (service with extra charge), at the self-service restaurant or in the restaurant (un-assigned seating arrangements). For lunch you can choose between the self-service restaurant or the restaurant with waiter service (un-assigned seating arrangements). Dinner is served in the restaurant in two sittings.

Booking a table for dinner

On all our ships (except Costa neoRomantica, Costa neoRiviera, Costa neoClassica and all the Costa neoCollection cruises) all guests will have a place assigned to them for the duration of the cruise.

Please specify at the time of booking any requests regarding position or number of diners.

Confirmation of your requests will be sent to your cabin.

There are two sittings for dinner, at the following approximate times:

• First sitting – 7 p.m.;

• Second sitting – 9.30 p.m.

However, please check the time in the “Today” daily programme.

Smoking is prohibited in the restaurants.

Special dietary requirements

These can be catered for if requested and agreed on when booking. Guests can indicate their special dietary needs - diabetic, gluten-free or other types of allergies/intolerances. Special dietary needs can only be safely catered for in the Main Restaurant.

To ensure that the service operates efficiently, please reconfirm your requirements with Customer Service when you board. Should passengers bring dietary items with them from home, the on board Maitre must be informed immediately after boarding, so that the necessary food preparation arrangements can be made.

Gala dinners and other gourmet events

The gala dinner is a special occasion offering a gourmet menu, an elegant and festive atmosphere, and the presence of the Captain and his Staff (subject to availability).

Numerous special gourmet events also take place during each cruise.

They include midnight surprises in the lounges, the Al Fresco Buffet on the swimming-pool deck with spectacular ice sculptures (depending on the season), and many themed Buffets dedicated to the ports visited. Special menus are also served at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Club Restaurants

For an additional charge you can reserve a gourmet experience offered by the exclusive and sophisticated Club Restaurants aboard Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Luminosa, Costa Pacifica, Costa Serena, Costa Magica, Costa Fortuna, Costa Mediterranea, Costa Atlantica, Costa Victoria and Costa neoRomantica.For a charge of€ 25 per person per meal (plus the cost of drinks), you can sample a taste of new flavours and unusual dishes from a sophisticated menu of Italian and international cuisine created by an internationally renowned team of chefs. The Club Restaurants are open every evening from 7.00 to 9.30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated on board. You can book your dinner onboard the ship at the interactive stands or with Customer Services.


Bars and cafés

You will find a vast array of top-quality Italian and international wines, spirits and soft drinks in the many bars and cafés aboard our ships. There are also several theme bars: in the Wine Bars, you’ll find a selection of fine wines, champagnes and sparkling wines, while the Cognac & Cigar Bars offer an excellent range of spirits and cigars. All purchases at the bars and in the dining room must be settled at the end of the cruise. A 15% service charge will be added to your bill.

Wine List

Our ships’ wine cellars are particularly well stocked with more than 80 different wines that have been chosen to complement our menus by the AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association.


When you board, you can purchase special wine, mineral water and drinks packages to consume during your cruise. Any duty-free wines and spirits bought on board and/or ashore will be kept in store and returned to you at the end of the cruise.

“Premium”All Inclusive Drinks Package

With the “Premium” All Inclusive Drinks package and “neocollection” All inclusive Drinks package, you can sip on a drink or glass of wine at lunchtime, at dinner or at any time of the day. Just sit back and enjoy your holiday.

“Premium” All Inclusive Drinks - Adults (18 years +) € 25 per day: includes a range of alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages by the glass, excluding minibar and prestige brand selections.

“Premium” All Inclusive Young Drinks - Children (4 to 17 years old) € 16 per day** (to be ordered together with the All Inclusive Drinks package): especially for the kids, includes a selection of soft drinks by the glass, with the exception of minibar products.

“neoCollection” All Inclusive Drinks - Adults (18 years +) € 28.75 per day: available only on C. neoCollection itineraries. It includes a selection of beverages served by the glass: alcoholic drinks including regional wines as a complement to restaurant menus and liqueurs; alcohol-free drinks including soft drinks and shakes, a comprehensive selection of coffees and the exclusive “Sunset Aperitivo”. Minibar not included.

“neoCollection” All Inclusive Young Drinks - Children (4 to 17 years old) € 17.25 per day(to be ordered together with the “neoCollection” All Inclusive Drinks package): especially for the kids, includes a selection of soft drinks by the glass, with the exception of minibar products.

The All Inclusive Drinks packages can be purchased on the website at, by calling the Contact Centre or at your travel agent and must be purchased by all Guests travelling with the same booking reference number, or by all Guests who wish to dine together. Prices shown include 15% service charge.


Taking you across the sea is our job. Helping you fall in love with the places you visit is an added bonus.A Costa excursion in the world’s most beautiful locations is a unique experience, and you’ll find everything, down to the smallest detail, is dedicated to you. In fact, we offer more than 2,200 excursions to choose from, especially designed to meet the demands of every type of holidaymaker.

The organized shore excursions are scheduled to fit in with the ship’s sailing times and to allow you to make the most of your visit.

Excursions are optional and may be purchased online by credit card 5 to 10 days before departure (depending on your itinerary) on the website, on board at the interactive touchscreen stands, via the interactive TV in your cabin (on some ships), by filling in the form the you will find in your cabin and leaving it at the special Drop Box, or directly at the Excursions Office.

Space is limited on some excursions (particularly on Northern Europe cruises), so we recommend booking in plenty of time.

The excursions are not refundable. The price includes transport, a guide in the ports in the languages offered, and entry to museums and monuments, unless otherwise stated in the relevant excursion descriptions. Meals and drinks are only included in the price when explicitly indicated.

The tour schedule and prices may be altered without prior notice by the organizer at any time before the excursion takes place. Excursions will only take place if a minimum number of participants has been reached. If there are too few people, the excursion will be cancelled and payment will be refunded, without any form of compensation.

Italian-speaking guides may not be available for certain destinations in the Indian Ocean, Far East and Caribbean.

Unless indicated otherwise, means of transport on excursions are not specifically equipped for guests with mobility problems. If requested by guests, Costa may suggest excursions suitable for their needs. Excursions suitable for guests with slight mobility problems are marked as such with a special symbol. For further details, please go to the website where you will find a constantly updated list of the excursions available on each cruise, with a description of the excursion, price and duration, photographs and in many cases videos.

Discount for children and teens

Children aged 4-14 receive the following discounts:

- 30% off shore excursions in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Red Sea, World Cruises

- 25% off shore excursions in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Far East, Indian Ocean, South America and South American transatlantic cruises, Caribbean and Caribbean transatlantic cruises.

Children under 3 years old on a shore excursion with an adult travel free of charge (no seat is allocated).


We have put together combinations of 3, 4 or 5 excursions, depending on the length of your cruise, selected from the most popular and representative programmes at the various destinations that are offered at a discounted price. If you buy them online or through our Contact Centre, we’ll give you a 5% discount on the price you’d pay on board. Costa Cruises reserves the right to alter and/or cancel this offer without notice.

Purchases made during port calls Items purchased during the cruise (rugs, jewellery, merchandise exceeding a certain value, etc.) may be subject to customs duty in the Guest’s country of residence or in the port of disembarkation.

Please remember that Costa Cruises does not collect customs duty on behalf of Guests and is not able to estimate the amount payable. Consequently, Guests must pay any customs duty themselves in order to clear customs and Costa Cruises will not be liable to pay any form of compensation.

We remind you that it is prohibited to carry food and drink on board in hand luggage or to your cabin. Further information can be found in the section “Security”.


Entertainment for children and teens

From morning to evening our entertainment staff will keep your children entertained, (they must be self-sufficient and toilet trained) giving you plenty of time to enjoy your cruise in peace, and when you go on shore excursions if you wish.

Costa’s entertainment staff are available to look after your children and teens between the ages of 3 (even if their birthday is during the cruise and provided they do not need nappies) and 11 every day from 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. A free group babysitting service is also available at the Squok Club from 11.30 p.m. to 1.30 a.m. on request. These times may be subject to slight variations depending on the cruise programme. In some periods, this service may be more limited – times will be advertised on board.

There are four Clubs:

Mini, from 3 to 6 years old; Maxi from 7 to 11; Teen Junior from 12 to 14; and Teen from 15 to 17. Club activities and age groupings may vary by ship and the number of participants.

There is no child-minding or entertainment service for children under 3 years old.

Special services for babies (6 months–3 years)

Our ships are ideal for parents with babies and small children in strollers, with their spacious lifts and cabins, wide outer decks, and obstacle-free promenades and corridors. Under-3s also have boarding priority and are allowed to use the rooms and toys in the Squok Club, provided they are always accompanied by a parent, in low season or at off-peak times. On request and subject to availability we can provide cots, baby baths and bottle warmers in your cabin, and highchairs in the restaurant as well as preparing baby foods (on request, please talk to the Maître). A free bottle warming service is available 24 hours a day. Please contact cabin staff.


Shows and entertainment

During the day, the ship’s entertainment team will organize various free activities on deck or in the lounges (games and quizzes, tournaments, craft workshops, and on longer and special cruises, even art and history conferences) and anyone can join in. In the evening, there is music in the lounges and shows at the theatre staged by professional artists, as well as discos and theme parties. You can also play bingo for an extra charge.

A complete list of all activities can be found in “Today”, the daily programme. The entertainment activities are organized by multilingual staff.

Sporting activities

All Costa ships have sports and fitness equipment that Guests can use to stay in shape during their cruise, such as the jogging track on the outer deck, where you will also find covered pools and jacuzzis. Or you can exercise in the fitness center with state of the art equipment provided by TechnoGym and take part in free group courses. You can also book personal training sessions for an extra charge.


There is a library on board with a selection of books. Borrowing is free. Opening times are listed in Today.

Casino (service with extra charge)

There is a casino on every Costa ship with slot machines, roulette and other gaming tables.

According to international law, the casino is only open when the ship is at sea and entry is permitted to adults only. You can use your Costa Card at the slot machines and when placing bets at the tables.

“C” Wonders (services with extra charge)

On the largest and newest ships in the fleet, there is lots of fun to be had with the cutting-edge technology of our Grand Prix simulator, golf simulator with outdoor putting green, roller skating rink, 4D Cinema, and, only on Costa Pacifica, a recording studio and laser zone.


Spa and Wellness Centres

All Costa ships have a Wellness Spa and Beauty Salon where Guests can enjoy exclusive

treatments. A special feature of Costa Diadema, Fascinosa, Favolosa, Deliziosa, Luminosa, Pacifica, Serena and neoRomantica is the Samsara Spa and Venus Beauty Salon, inspired by Oriental philosophy, offering Ayurvedic treatments in their state of the art facilities. There is a charge for entry to the Spa, the Salon, and the thermal area and for the fitness service. For more information come and visit them. You can also find out more at

Onboard shops

Costa ships have a large area dedicated to onboard shops where you can buy clothing, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, watches, souvenirs etc. Your purchases can be made at duty-free prices on almost all cruises. The shops are open when at sea.

Photo Shop

The ship’s photographer is present at all the most important events and sometimes also during shore excursions. You will be photographed often, but remember that there is no obligation to buy. You can view all the photographs at the Photo Shop Gallery, where you can order prints of the photos you like. At various times during the cruise you may come across sets with themed backgrounds for you to take portrait pictures if you wish. On some cruises, our cameramen will film various scenes of life onboard, so that you can purchase a mini-film as a unique holiday memento. At the Photo Shop, passengers can buy digital devices and accessories, such as cameras, video cameras, memory cards, etc.), and buy and send postcards.

Internet Point and WiFi

The whole fleet has a satellite web connection. WiFi is available in all areas of the ship (including your cabin) and there is also an Internet Point.

You can surf the web with your laptop, iPad, iPhone and smartphone, or use one of the computers at the Internet Point. You will see the instructions for setting up an account and the charges on the screen at the Internet Point computers and on your device when you connect to Costa WiFi (Virtual Plaza). The rates are the same whether use a computer at the Internet Point or your own wireless device. All charges will be made to your Costa Card.

We would like to remind you that the speed of satellite telecommunications may be significantly slower than the speed you are used to on land. Satellite connection may also be temporarily unavailable at times. At the Internet Point you can also print documents for an extra charge.

Laundry, Ironing and Dry Cleaning

There is an express laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning service on board. Laundry bags and a price list can be found in your cabin. For safety reasons ironing in the cabins is strictly prohibited.


Our ships have their own modern infirmaries offering first aid and medical care, for a charge, by staff from the National Onboard Doctors Association and trained nurses. Emergency medications are also available. The opening times of the medical centre and the pharmacy are listed in “Today”.

Medication to relieve symptoms of seasickness is available free of charge from the Information

Desk and the Infirmary.

Guests with special needs are kindly asked to make them known when booking. In particular, we advise those on long-term therapies to bring all their necessary medications with them, ensuring that they are accompanied by a description of their contents and dosage.

Guests with medical conditions requiring the self-injection of therapeutic drugs or the use of needles are kindly asked to contact their Cabin Steward to request a special container to dispose of sharp medical instruments correctly.


Your Costa Card

Aboard the ship, you will receive a personal Costa Card which will automatically identify your name on the boarding list. During the cruise, you will need to use it when making purchases in the onboard shops and to pay for any extra services (except bets at the Casino’s tables). Using your Costa Card will enable you to enjoy your holiday without needing to worry about having enough cash on you for your daily expenditure aboard the ship. Purchases will be automatically added to your cabin account, which must then be settled at the end of the cruise in cash or by credit card (or cheque – see “Personal cheques” section).

Guests who do not register their credit cards will be asked to provide a deposit to cover their onboard expenses within 48 hours of embarkation. The minimum deposit will be 150 euros or 150 dollars per person, depending on the currency used on board. If onboard expenditure exceeds the deposit, a further deposit will be requested.

Total expenditure will be calculated at the end of the cruise and, if applicable, Guests will be refunded what remains of their deposit.

Credit cards

The following credit cards are accepted on board: American Express, VISA and MasterCard. Debit cards, prepaid cards, top-up cards and VISA Electron, Postpay, Bancomat, Postamat and Cirrus Maestro cards are not accepted. We suggest that you check the type of card you have and how it is used with your bank before departure. This service will allow you to receive your bill in your cabin  and, unless you state otherwise, it will be charged to your credit card automatically, subject to daily authorisation by the credit card systems. You can register your credit card using the interactive stands or at the Customer Service Desk.

Personal cheques

Only cheques issued by Italian banks (i.e. branches located in Italy) will be accepted aboard the ship, with a maximum value of 2,500 euros for each cheque, valid for the sole payment of onboard expenses at the end of the cruise, subject to authorization by the Centax electronic cheque guarantee system.

Foreign currencies

We remind you that the euro is the legal currency aboard our ships, except for Caribbean cruises on Costa Luminosa departing from Miami, South American cruises, Spring transatlantic cruises departing from South America, and Far Eastern cruises aboard Costa Victoria and Costa Atlantica, in which case it is the US Dollar. Cash and can be changed aboard the ship at the Bureau de Change at the Customer Services Desk. It is open at the times indicated in Today, and is normally closed when the ship is in port. We remind you that we do not provide credit card cash advances, so we suggest you bring sufficient local currency for shore stops.


Information on the disembarkation procedure will be given to you directly on board by the Cruise Director at a special meeting. You will also find this information in the “Today” daily programme which is delivered to your cabin. Suite Guests have priority when disembarking. The order of disembarkation for other Guests will be established according to the departure times of any transfers and the presence of any organized groups. Please let us know in advance if you have any individual requirements. The disembarkation time shown in your travel documents may vary for reasons beyond Costa Cruises’ control. Consequently, in order to ensure efficient service, we advise Guests to use the flights offered by Costa Cruises.


Baggage should be labeled and left outside your cabin door on the final night of the cruise. Our staff will collect it and you will be able to reclaim it in the terminal building or the dedicated areas ashore after disembarkation. We recommend that you keep a small piece of hand luggage with everything you need the following morning (documents, medicines, change of underwear etc.).

Cruise Questionnaire

After your cruise, you will receive a questionnaire by email asking about your enjoyment of the cruise and the quality of the services provided. We value your opinions and suggestions as they help us to keep providing you with a better service.



It is forbidden to bring animals of any species or size aboard the ships, with the sole exception of service animals for disabled Guests (subject to notification at the time of booking).


Smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes is not permitted on board, except in the “Cigar Lounge” area.

Electronic cigarettes may only be used cabins and in the “Cigar Lounge” area. In public areas outdoors smoking is only allowed in specially designated areas that have ashtrays. We would like to remind you that smoking is not permitted in cabins, but only outside on private balconies. To avoid the risk of fire, cigarettes must be extinguished and left in the ashtrays provided and never thrown overboard when they are still lit. We would also like to remind you that on board the ships Costa Mediterranea, Costa Classica, Costa Atlantica and Costa Victoria there are no indoor smoking areas.

Taxes in the USA

When ships are docked in ports in the USA, 20% is added to the price of drinks consumed on board.

A list of the airlines that operate with Costa Cruises:

Aerolinas Argentinas, Air Austral, Air Berlin, Air Caraibes, Air Europa, Air France, Air Mauritius, Air  Méditerranée, Air Transat, Alitalia, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue Line, British Airways, British Midland, Cathay Pacific, Condor, Corsair, Delta Airlines, Easy Jet, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Europe Airpost, Finnair, Gulf Air, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Meridianafly, Neos Air, Olympic Air, Orbest, Privilege Style, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Royal Brunei, SAS, Singapore Airlines, SN Brussels Airlines, Spanair, Swiss, TAM, Thai Airways, Tap Air Portugal, Thomson Fly, Transavia, Travel Service, Tui Fly, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Vueling.


Mobile phones

Costa’s partnership with various operators means all its ships are covered by satellite, which means all users of the main mobile operators can send and receive calls and text messages and use mobile Internet services at sea. Phones must be able to accept international roaming. Call charges depend on the operator. When sailing close to the coast mobile phones may connect with a land operator.

TIM pre-paid customers can purchase top-up cards at the photo shop on board.

Satellite link

On board you can make phone calls from your cabin via our satellite connection, as well as send and receive faxes. Ask at the Customer Services desk on board for details. For telephone and fax communications from shore to ship, the caller must dial the code for the oceanic area the ship is in followed by the ship’s satellite number, as shown in the table below:































not available

not available
























not available

Alternatively from Italy you can call the Telecom number 170, giving the name of the ship, the passenger and, if possible, the cabin number. In other countries the shore caller can contact the operator in that country for information.

The numbers listed above are subject to change. For any updates please call us on

+39 010 4206099