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8. All individuals and legal entities when contacting ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES LLC using any communication channels, including, but not limited to: email, phone, live chat, skype, sms, mail and other means communications, as well as when using sites supported by the company, with their will and in their interests express their consent to the use of personal data, such as: last name, their name, surname, name of them, ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES LLC on, patronymic, date and place of birth, citizenship, place of registration and place of residence, passport data, mobile, home and office phone numbers, email addresses and any other data for the purpose of conducting consultations, processing requests, selecting information and services, processing and the execution of contracts for the provision of tourist services, as well as those related to the execution by ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES of the order of these persons for booking travel services, while also agree to transfer them to third parties. Persons reporting LLC ATLANTIS LINE MARINE CRUISES Sea Cruises the above information acts on behalf of and for the benefit of all persons whose names, surnames and other personal data are communicated to LLC ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES, while having their consent to such a transfer. They also all agree to the collection and processing of information that contains personal data and can be stored on paper, magnetic, optical, electronic media and other media.

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Trade marks
ATLANTIS LINE is the registered trade mark.
You can use and publish ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES logo and name on any web site, if and only it has a link to web site. Any attempts to use ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES logo and name without owner approval will be treated as property legislation violation.
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It is possible to link the information, published by ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES, but it cannot be reproduced.
You cannot make the impression that ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES support the owner of information resource
The owner of the information resource cannot create defective impression of his relations to ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES and cannot affiliate his resource with ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES.
The logo of ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES cannot be used without written authorization.
Misinformation of products and services of ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES cannot be published.
It is prohibited to publish information which can be considered unpleasant, offensive, contradictory or with age restrictions.

It is strongly prohibited to publish, distribute of reproduce in written, oral or any other form defective or scandalous information regarding ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES, its products and services. Violators of these condition will be subject to legal action under Russian and international laws.
It is prohibited to evaluate, rate or compare ATLANTIS LINE SEA CRUISES, its activities and products without prior authorization.

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Version: February, 2019